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The Unwanted Series

“Andy slammed on his brakes, but the old woman went down anyway.”
How could this single incident escalate into a series of life-changing events for the Cooper family? They are soon forced to face decades-long secrets, lies, blackmail, greed, murder, heartbreak, newfound relatives, criminal activity, intractable relatives, illness, and shocking family history.
Join the Cooper family as they work through the challenges that life throws their way as secrets emerge. When, how, and if they all come to light, how will the Coopers be affected?


Unwanted Discovery - Book One (second edition)

Unwanted Discovery

Sharon Cooper and her daughter, Callie, nearly bit off more than they could chew when they started to inventory Sharon’s mother’s estate. Old letters in the attic begin a series of unwanted discoveries. Hidden and locked away throughout the mansion are more secrets about Sharon’s family than she ever imagined. How could Sharon have grown up here and not be aware of the mystery, intrigue and scandal within these walls?

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Unwanted House Guest - Book Two

Old man

Ralph arrives unexpectedly with a suitcase. Jack and Sharon Cooper and her family must now figure out why his father is there and how to get him back to his house. His contentious attitude and life-threatening habits get worse, escalating emergencies and soon puts the entire family in danger. And why is Pierre still interested in the Mansion?

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Unwanted Agenda - Book Three

Man at Door

Charlotte Knapp is corralled into helping her niece, Callie Cooper, prepare for her wedding. But during their first meeting, Charlotte’s ex, Kurt Morris, shows up after no contact for six years. He claims that he wants to reconnect with their sons, Josh and Cal. Remembering what happened in the past, Josh wants nothing to do with him. But Cal doesn’t remember and wants to be with him. Charlotte wants to believe him, but nagging doubts and bad memories haunt her. How can they determine what he really wants? Her extended family helps her, not only sort out Kurt’s agenda, but also find a way out of his clutches.

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In the Works:

Unwanted Family - Book Four (working title)

In the final chapter of this series, the college boys come home to unexpected drama. Gary's dad is in a nursing home from a broken hip and Gary dreads the encounter; so Callie goes with him for a visit. While there, they are unexpectedly drawn into a critial and dangerous situation, challenging her start-up career as a P.I.

Ever wonder why Alice was so conniving? Georgia tells why. You'll never guess what prompts her confession.

We plan to publish this in 2017.


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