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The Unwanted Series

The Unwanted Series is a series of family-friendly, engaging stories with imperfect people dealing with events and characters that are "unwanted" at best. Three have been published and the next one is planned for 2017. We purposely crafted our stories without foul language, graphic sex/violence and the occult so that everyone will feel comfortable reading about Sharon and Callie, our heroines.

Interestingly, Sharon and Callie are loosely based on us, the authors. Between us, we are able to provide the experience and outlook of the mature generation and also capture the energy and perspective of our younger characters.


The Authors

Sandra Denbo

Sandra Denbo

I am a native of Portland, Oregon, and Tamarine is the youngest of my five children.

My first experience with creative writing was in high school with my best friend. We wrote a story and a play but then we never did anything with them. The seed was planted.

My next writing experience wasn't until much later. In 2005, my mother passed away. I started a journal to record all of the experiences I could remember about not only her, but also from my own childhood, so I could pass on the family history. The author in me was reawakened.

Then, in 2010, Tamarine asked me for help with an assignment for a creative writing class. Helping her with that short story fanned the flames in my desire to write. I was unemployed at the time, so after she turned in the assignment, we continued to play with the story. As we worked together, we developed and fell in love with our characters. It wasn’t long before The Unwanted Series blossomed and grew from that short story.

I moved recently and came across those original writings from high school. I cringed and shook my head when I recalled how proud I was of those juvenile efforts. I'm thankful that I had put them away; it gave me the opportunity to acquire the life experiences that I now draw upon to create the variety of characters that you will learn to love and hate.


Tamarine Vilar

Tamarine Vilar

I'm a single mother of a teenage boy. Since my Mom read to me from infancy, reading became my favorite hobby. I dabbled in poetry a bit in high school and then later when I went back to continue my education. I started writing short stories at Portland Community College. This is when I asked my mom for help with a story. That first story was about an older woman with Alzheimer's and became the stepping stone on the newly opened path to our family saga.

After I graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor's degree in English and a minor in writing, I realized that my degree was not going to further my career. I'm a caregiver, and that is not likely to change; it's a rewarding vocation and it's in my nature to help people. But, those classes put a lot of tools in my writing toolbox.

Professors and fellow students alike enjoyed my writing and encouraged me to never give up, When I wrote and submitted short stories about my own life experiences, I was surprised to see fellow students shed tears when reading them. Mom always said I had extraordinary empathy and that is the foundation for my expressions.

After we lost my dad in 2015, I realized how much of a blessing it is to be able to write these books with my mom. I'm closer with her than most people have the honor of experiencing, and she's also my best friend. It's been exciting to see many of our fans look forward to the next book and actually ask when that will be. But that takes a second place to the fact that I'm already getting paid better than I could ever imagine.



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