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Unwanted Discovery

“This complex mystery is a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it. Since it’s the start of a series, the authors have provided a longer-than-normal opportunity to get to know the full cast of characters.
The surprises and plot twists keep showing up and that was one thing I really liked. The shocking events more than made up for the slightly slower pace. This pace allowed for fuller development of the characters which is quite nice. They come across as quite real for me.
The scene setting is very thorough and lends a lot to the enjoyment. The dialogue is quite funny at times and so delightful. The action keeps the story flowing as well as the dialogue.
Overall, this book is a lot of fun to read and I highly recommend it! I award a score of 4.9 stars! The score would have been higher except for a few spelling errors. The authors have assured me the errors are corrected; your reading experience will be better.” Mark S

“… interesting characters and family dynamics “ Judd (Tamarine's professor in Writing class)

“Wonderful story line. Kept me wanting more. Had a difficult time putting it down. The emotions came out very well, had me wondering what will they discover next. Can hardly wait for the next book in the series. Will recommend it to my friends.” – Armi B

“The family of characters, Sharon, Jack, Ralph, Callie, Rudy, and the rest of the gang all bring unique perspectives and personalities. The people feel real, complete with flaws. The reader is made to feel he/she is part of these stories, and could perhaps stop in for a cup of coffee at Sharon's house." – Sean J.

“I like the characters, especially Rudy and Georgia.” – Jill C

“This book's title was intriguing. I wanted to know what the Unwanted Discovery was. Each chapter kept me involved in the events described so eloquently. When the book ended, I wanted to know more about each person in the book, especially Sharon, Callie and Alice.” – Jean V

“I found the book to be very well written and exciting! I love that it is clean, without the misuse and focus of foul language, and the characters are very compelling! I'm looking forward to getting to know the heroines even better and following their lives in the future books of the series ... It's easy, intriguing read full of twists and surprises, keeps you captivated!” Monika P

“I always enjoy a good mystery. Once I got a few pages in, it was clear that I was hooked and had to know what was to be discovered and I wasn’t disappointed. The emotional roller coaster ride intertwined with mystery, betrayal, blackmail and solid family values kept me so engrossed in the book that when I had to put it down, the story was all I was thinking about. You start to develop strong feelings about some of the main characters, some good, some bad, some pity and for one in particular, the feeling that you just want to punch them. The story ingrains the idea that it doesn’t matter how you were raised, you can make your family your own while not making the same mistakes made by your parents. You also want to dive in and either tell the characters what to do, warn them of impending danger or just plain console them. By the end of the book, I was glad to hear that the ‘story’ isn’t over; it is a series after all! I can only hope that these characters are all involved in all of the books and their history is expanded on in future publications.” – Emery D

“... overall the book captured my attention very well, and the suspense was well balanced. I do like a good mystery and am often able to figure out through small clues what was going to happen next. You did very well on keeping certain clues out until just before they were to become fertile … as the story unraveled, I did find that I wanted to just keep reading to find out how the events unfolded. Knowing that the book wasn't too long, it actually made it easier to just keep reading. I also enjoyed the fact that in the end after all things were resolved that an intro to the next book builds suspense on what could possibly happen next.” – Terry D

“I found the book to be very well written and exciting! I love that it is clean, without the misuse and focus of foul language, and the characters are very compelling! I'm looking forward to getting to know the heroines even better and following their lives in the future books of the series ... It's easy, intriguing read full of twists and surprises, keeps you captivated!” – Monika P
“The story moves so fast it was hard to put the book down. Packed with turns, each one enticing ... You're on an exciting journey.” – Sue B

"At the first glance at this story, I was convinced it was geared towards teen/young adult readers. Quickly I discovered that this tale has a lot more maturity and depth than I gave it credit for.
The authors have created a complex family dynamic, starting with the two main protagonists, Sharon and Callie. The story begins with Alice Frainey, who turns out to be a sneaky and dishonest woman even to the point of shunning her family and creating a cold environment for Sharon to grow up in. Consequent discoveries and developments creates a more and more complex family scenario. The authors have done a great job in giving their characters depth and realism, which makes for a quite appealing and enjoyable read. 
I definitely began to dislike Alice, and the more that was revealed about her character, the more the reader disliked her and the illegal and dishonest lifestyle she led. The character development is written quite well, and I came to like and care about the family brought to life in this book. In many instances, I could feel their pain and frustrations. Adding in the factors of Alice’s thievery and love of money make the story even more intriguing and a really good read.  Readers end up caring about this family.
Adding in elements of Alice’s blackmail of her husband and then the addition of her partner in crime Pierre gave the narrative even more reasons for readers to want to keep reading and to invest their time and effort into seeing where the story goes next. 
Overall, this is a well-written story, and I for one am truly excited to see where the authors take us in the next two books in this trilogy." – Jeffiah K (deceased)


Unwanted House Guest

"I like this as a series of books with common characters, with each story creating a deeper understanding of the family as a whole. I really enjoyed the second story with Pierre and Alice, very clever.” – Sean J, Inkwater Press

"Have you ever had an Unwanted House Guest? I have and was curious about who this one was. The characters in this book included some you met in the book Unwanted Discovery by the same two authors. The book kept my attention to the end.” – Jean V

"“I loved the first book, but I loved this one even more.” – Debbie B

"With the 2nd tale in the Unwanted series, once again the authors have presented a fascinating story, expanding on the characters and storylines that began in the first book. This book was a pleasure to read, and learning more about Sharon and her family brought me a good deal of satisfaction. The development of the overall story has grown even more enjoyable with this continuing saga about family and the way the members live and learn about each other- with a little drama and intrigue interspersed throughout.
The unexpected arrival of Jack’s father in the beginning sets the story in motion, with everyone wanting to know why he is there, and this event sets the tone of the book. This entry perhaps was less focused on the adventure portion (i.e., Alice’s shady dealings, Pierre Martine’s search for his lost and stolen money) and seemed to center more on the family relations and the way these people interact with each other. From Ralph’s addictions and abusiveness to Roy and Callie’s burgeoning relationship, the tale gets more complex. Wisely, the authors solved a few mysteries yet left quite a bit unresolved, paving the way for the next book in the series.
If your taste in reading runs to wholesome family drama, with some adventure and romance throughout, then this series is for you. These stories, in my opinion, would make for a good television serial. The characters became even more likeable, and you find yourself really caring what happens to them. Overall, the Unwanted House Guest turned out to be a hidden gem. I am truly liking these books, and I am eager to read the 3rd book in the set." –  Jeffiah K (deceased)


Unwanted Agenda

“The unwanted series holds your attention through each book. The story continues from book to book, but it is completed in each one with a cliff hanger ending. I enjoyed the Unwanted Agenda very much. The plot twists and character development leave you in suspense. This book is a real page turner.” – Mike B

"This was an excellent book!! It was extremely well written and kept my interest all the way to the end. I look forward to the sequel. I want to find out more.”  – Jean V

"The 3rd entry in the Unwanted series continues the story of Sharon, her immediate family, and her newly discovered extended family. The authors have once again given us an enthralling addition to an already enjoyable narrative. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about this fictional family and their adventures. 
The book starts off with Sharon attempting to grow closer to her newfound kinfolk and their husbands and children, and right away there is contention and drama, lending verisimilitude to the tale, which could be anyone’s real family and their lives. The writers have fleshed out this story even more, giving us (the readers) a fun tale with a fair amount of conflict and intrigue to keep the interest level high and leaving us wanting more. They have also left several loose ends, paving the way for more stories, which I personally am looking forward to reading. The characters are true-to-life, and the path they are on is realistic. The story has been a true pleasure to read. 
If family drama with a modicum of adventure and love is your type of book, then I definitely recommend this series. The ladies who authored this series have succeeded admirably in giving the readers a great way to spend their time. I absolutely would tell anyone who asks about this trilogy that it is worth their time and effort." – Jeffiah K (deceased)


Unwanted Family

“With another entry in the “Unwanted” series, the authors have once again delivered a fantastic story, expanding on their established family, bringing in new characters, and paving the way for possible future books.
Beginning with a scene which subtly introduces a new player to the tale, the authors dive right into more or less the same place the last book left off. We (the readers) are quickly brought up to speed. This book was full of exciting surprises, bringing back Pierre (that we all believed had been killed in a previous book) and letting us learn more about Gary and his father and his crush on Callie. Adding in Vera and her sister was also a welcome addition, their family drama serving to offer another new direction to take the series. The loose ends, which are still hanging at the end, surely offer hope to the reader for more books to come.”  – Jeffiah K (deceased)

"After reading the three books of the Unwanted series, I have concluded that the Sandra Denbo knows how to write. Her characters are warm, troubled, happy, flawed...just like real people. They love, cry, disagree, experience joys and hardships, yet they remain a unit supporting one another and others who interact with them. Let me encourage others to read the whole series, start with book one and watch the family grow and groan as they mature to face new encounters. The Unwanted series is a win-win for readers." Adele B


Unwanted Sister

“I found the story to be exciting and complicated enough that I was caught up in trying to out think the characters. Most of the time when I thought I knew what was going to happen, the plot turned a corner and I was drawn into guessing again. It certainly was thrilling and left me wanting for more.” – Barbara S.


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