You Won’t Be Able To Put It Down…

How could an old woman’s fall launch her daughter’s life-changing series of shocking discoveries and events? Sharon Cooper could never have imagined uncovering decades-long secrets that reveal unbelievable family history, unknown relatives, connections to the mob, greed, blackmail, and murder.


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“Andy slammed on his brakes, but the old woman went down anyway.”

How could this single incident escalate into a series of life-changing events for the Cooper family? They are soon forced to face decades-long secrets, lies, blackmail, greed, murder, heartbreak, newfound relatives, criminal activity, intractable relatives, illness, and shocking family history.

Unwanted Discovery

Old letters begin a series of unwanted discoveries when Sharon Cooper inventories her mother’s house. How could she have grown up here and not be aware of the mystery, intrigue and scandal hidden within these walls?

Unwanted House Guest

Jack Cooper must take in his cantankerous father, Ralph. Even Jack’s brothers don’t want to take him in. Why did Ralph’s wife kick him out? Jack’s family helps him deal with Ralph’s worsening attitude, life-threatening habits and escalating emergencies. And Pierre is back.

Unwanted Agenda

After six years of no contact, Charlotte’s ex, Kurt, arrives unexpectedly to reconnect with their sons, Josh and Cal.  Josh wants nothing to do with him but Cal is excited to try.  Why was he gone for so long?  Why is he back now?  Although Kurt appears to have changed, everyone suspects an unwanted agenda.

Unwanted Family

Vera Carelli has amnesia after surviving a gunshot blast to the abdomen. Everyone says her sister shot her, but where is she now? Callie Cooper tries to encourage her, but gets drawn into more intrigue than she’s prepared to handle – lies, cover-ups, and underworld connections. Georgia Burke tells why Alice was so conniving. You’ll never guess what prompts her confession.

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